The progress of R. Northern Macedonia in the implementation of the National Action Plan for implementation of the Istanbul Convention

The purpose of this report is to assess the country’s progress in implementing the activities and meeting the indicators set out in the National Action Plan for Implementation of the Istanbul Convention for the period 2018-2020.

The research for the preparation of this report showed that the institutions in charge of the implementation of the NAP are not transparent enough in the implementation of the activities – not all ministries include CSOs in the implementation of the activities and the answers received from the ministries were incomplete, ie mostly general and imprecise.

The general impression from the responses of the competent institutions for the implementation of the NAP is that compliance with the standards of the Convention is not a priority issue for the country, and especially not in times of crisis.

Worryingly poor implementation is observed in activities aimed at preventing violence against women and domestic violence.

It is necessary to revise the overall national plan and to propose implementation deadlines that will correspond to the real situation. Additionally, following the revised national plan, the competent institutions to prepare operational plans for 2021.

Establishing a mechanism to monitor the implementation of the NAP (establishment of a special body to monitor implementation) is crucial for improving the system for prevention and protection against gender-based violence.

You can read more about this report at the following link.

The document was prepared within the project “On the Road to the EU: Prevention of Violence against Women in the Republic of Nort Macedonia” funded by the Swedish Foundation Quina til Quina, and implemented by the National Network to end Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.

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