CSSP News: CSSP cooperation with WAVE Youth Ambassadors to raise awareness on sexual violence

September 25, 2020 – The current WAVE Youth Ambassadors from Albania, Montenegro and Serbia are supporting the CSSP project in strengthening women’s voices and agency.

The WAVE Youth Ambassadors are representing four of the seven CSSP project countries. Three of them have decided to take a stance on violence against women, as risks have increased during the COVID-19 global pandemic, raise their own voices to provide words of encouragement to women and girls affected by violence, and share information on where to get help.

“We support women’s voices! We strengthen women’s voices!”- Cecilia Gazulli (Albania), Zvezdana Radulović (Montenegro), Teodora Stojilković (Serbia) and Zehra Šarić (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


Teodora Stojilković (Serbia)


Zvezdana Radulović (Montenegro)

Cecilia Gazulli (Albania)


Zehra Šarić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


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